Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Newlyweds in Charm City

05.2015 – The real adventure begins

Hello, dolls! Hello weeeekend! ❤ June is such a special month for us now. Before June would just come and go, we do not plan anything big — just occasional weekends out of Baltimore and lots of eating out. June is sweeter and brighter now because of baby A. June is birthday month and I can’t wait to make it special for him every year! ❤

There has a been a lot of good changes in our lives since A and I got married. I remember before, we settled for “dinners at home” once a week. We would eat out at least 3 times in a week. We spent more time at work and we were okay with it. We wanted to save money to buy a house, we achieved that in less than 10 months! After we bought our house, we welcomed baby A. In just a year and a half our lives became even better and our goals changed — for the best. Embracing dinners at home every night (well almost because we enjoy our weekends by eating out) almost 3 months ago was a change that we’ve been yearning for since baby A was born. I’ve been telling my Mom that it feels weird to think about dinner this much. Thank God she is here to help around the house, otherwise, I would lose my sanity.

Looking back to our first year as a married couple, I am happy with every choice that we’ve made.

Our first week back in Baltimore was pleasant. A and I did not have to deal with a lot of adjustments because we were going back to our “normal life” with rings on our fingers. So let me look back to a couple of fun memories from our first week as newlyweds in Baltimore.


We were still feeling a little adventurous since we just came back from the Philippines. We wanted to do something that would remind us of our trip so we went to Lexington Market — cheap simple food with a touch of adventure.



This..right here is what we call an “adventure”. Things that we don’t normally see at restaurants or groceries.


Short ribs… YAS!


Walking around Lexington Market was a bit overwhelming to me at first. Not because I am not used to the environment. There were so many good choices and I wanted to try them all.




Good food for cheap!



The main reason why we went to Lexington Market.


His agenda: tongue and chopped liver sammmich!




Yes please!


I love how most places sell smoothies!!


Wall Street Turkey


A definite must try, fried chicken! ❤


Perfect place to go to when sick. Pho date with my man!! ❤



Before baby A, I used to take gazillion pictures of A. Now, I hardly have any solo pictures of him on my phone! lol


One of my favorite things to do with him — grocery shopping! 🙂



Fun dinner with great friends!!! ❤


After church brunch. Perfect food to eat after hearing mass? Spanakopita!


…and of course, I dragged him to the mall after brunch!lol



Memorial Day weekend in New Jersey ❤


My first time to play mini golf!



Random Eats


Crepe for breakfast is always a good idea 😛


…and tacos for lunch? an even better idea! 😉


Can’t wait for our adventure this weekend!



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