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Cunningham’s Bakery

Fall 2015

Hello, dolls!! Hello, memorial day weekend! 🙂 I feel like I am in Manila again because of the weather! Seriously, it’s not even summer yet but it feels like it. Now I understand why pregnant women are extra moody when it’s hot — the level of discomfort is x100! back pain, nausea, and sweat!

June is around the corner meaning…I will be seeing my parents in a week and our little love a couple of days/weeks after that! 🙂 Our excitement in meeting him is building up everyday! Which reminds me…I have to finish organizing is nursery SOON! yikes


A lot of people go to the beach on memorial day weekend. This year,since we still have a couple of things to do around the house (and since I look like a giant watermelon) we decided to stay here in Baltimore.


One of my favorite cafes here in Baltimore is Cunningham’s.  (more…)


11.21.14: Of dinner dates

Hello, dolls! Happy weekend! ❤ The past couple of weeks has been beautiful.I still have a gazillion posts to share, hopefully I can keep up in the next 3 months wink.

“Life lately”: (1)A and I celebrated our 4th year Anniversary in Chicago — what an adventure!(2) I am 33 weeks pregnant, can’t believe we are going to meet baby A soon!!!! So yeah, I get easily exhausted now which means I fall asleep right away when I get home aka less computer time.(3) I am going to see my family in a month!!! Another big blessing for all of us.


One of the things that I can’t wait to do after I give birth is to try new restaurants with A (and the baby) again. I have been pretty picky during this pregnancy and most of the time I can only eat half of my dish, so I told A maybe it’s best if we just go to our favorite restaurants so I won’t waste food haha.


We love Woodberry! When we found out that the restaurant group Foodshed is opening a diner style restaurant, A and I wanted to go right away (of course it didn’t happen right away because we had so much on our list haha). Anyway, I am glad that we got to go before they closed. There are rumors of Shoofly relocating but so far it has been a year since they last served food.



I told A I want to go back and just have desserts because we were not able to try any. Guess I will have to wait until they open again 😦




Cameo apple Salad

apple butter, candied pecans, Caputo Bros. cheese curds, pickle brine dressing

My kind of salad! I love salads with fruit and delicious cheese. The dressing complimented the sweetness of the apple and candied pecans. Ahhh sooo good!



Braised Greens

So I was feeling extra “healthy” that night so my picks were mostly veggies..


like this delish sweet potatoes. yum!


Biscuit? Yes please!


Delicious cornbread


Pork Fat Fried Chicken

It’s funny how A and I could be contrasting sometimes. Like how I order veggies and he orders this… pork.fat.fried.chicken.


Corn Fritters



Blogging about food is not helping me and the baby right now. Food please!





Can’t wait for our next date night! Maybe I won’t feel too sick this weekend 😉



Belvedere Square is one of our go to places here in Baltimore. When we finally set up a date with Mr. Flores and Ms. Angel, we decided to go to Ejji cause I know they would love to try their ramen.


A’s new found favorite drink


Gyoza for appetizer


A’s Curry Beef Short Rib Rendang



Finally got to try their miso ramen


Aaah so good!!!

Maybe we can ramen this weekend…hmm 


With our Angels here in Baltimore 🙂



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