Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


11.10.14: Daniel Boulud in DC

Hello dolls, happy weekend!! Aaah SaturYAY.. I always get mixed emotions about Saturday. It’s the last day of my “work week” so I am usually counting the hours left until I can fully relax, which makes me really excited or laaazy ha! This winter has been pretty crazy for us, the blizzard put us on house arrest the weekend that we were supposed to move in, it snowed again recently which delayed some of our plans,and of course the cold weather makes us want to just cuddle in bed…all day. 

I am now 22 weeks pregnant. Wow! The morning sickness, horrible food aversion, and motion sickness are now starting to subside. A and I can now finally eat again and plan short trips before I give birth.

DC is always an option for us. It’s less than an hour away and there’s always something new for us to try. I can’t believe that this happened over a year ago and I am just sharing it now haha. I must have been realllly busy. Anyway, one of the things that we love to do is to go to DC with Roger and Frances, it’s always a great food trip with 2 of them.


We went to DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s restaurant in DC. I was so excited because I am a fan and of course, date night in DC? Yes please!


City Center DC is beautiful especially at night. We got there at around 6PM so we got lucky with a parking spot in front of the restaurant.


My handsome date




The guys each ordered a handcrafted cocktail. Frances and I decided to skip the alcohol because we wanted to enjoy the food without feeling woozy haha


Some gin based drink that both A and I couldn’t remember because duhhh it’s been over a year haha


European style butter


DBGB’s  bread basket. YUMMS!


Tarte Flambee

fromage blanc, bacon, onion

One of the best flat breads I’ve had. Simple but on point!

*fromage blanc means white cheese in french. Not sure if they actually got the cheese from North of France but it was soooo goood!


Tuna Crudo with Harisssa Sesame Sauce

Aaaaah one of the things that I miss the most, TUNA! I can’t eat tuna because it’s not safe for my pregnancy but aaah looking at this makes me want to cry haha. A and I love harissa so adding it to my favorite type of fish is perfection.


Sweet Potato and Kale Salad with Crosnes

Delicious salad with buttermilk dressing


Spaetzle with Escargot, Fried Chicken “Oysters”, and Parsley Sauce

One of my favorite dishes out of the gazillions that we had that night. I am pretty bias cause I love spaetzle haha


Look at that delicious escargot!


Orange and Endive Salad with Shrimp





Boudin Basc

blood sausage, espelette pepper,scallion mashed potatoes

Blood sausage, one of my favorite sausages ever. This left me speechless.



lamb & mint merguez, harissa,lemon braised spinach, chickpeas


Boudin Blanc

truffled pork sausage,apple, pommes mousseline



pork, mushrooms, onions,bacon & red wine link, lentils du puy

Sometimes, it’s the sides that makes me fall in love with a dish. I loved this because of the lentils du puy…aaah the flavors melting in my mouth..yum



pork, lemongrass, red curry, green papaya,basil fried rice, peanuts, quail egg

The fried rice and papaya salad were on point. Definitely reminded me of the food in Bangkok.



pork & cheddar link, hash browns,red onion crème fraîche

Almost reminded me of breakfast


Truit Au Lard Et Sauge

pancetta-wrapped river trout, sage,maitake mushroom, potato écrasé

I was already starting to feel full after the sausage platter. We each got a personal serving of the 2 main courses, endive salad, and escargot app, so saying “we had so much food” is an understatement haha

The trout was cooked perfectly. The finishing flavor of sage in every bite made me forget that my stomach was ready to burst.


Coq Au Vin

One of my favorite French dishes!! Aaaah this came as a surprise because we were not expecting ANOTHER main course. DELICIOUS!


Warm Madeleines

Thank goodness I saved room for dessert! Both desserts were out of this world


Enjoyed watching our server torch our baked alaska.

pistachio & vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, fresh meringue flambéed with chartreuse








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