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09.08.14: See you again, Thailand

Hello, dolls! Aaaaah. I can’t believe it!!! My last BKK post! I also can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since our trip to Thailand — and it’s the weekend again…already! August is being extra good to us, we’ve been getting extra time here and there and opportunities that can change our lives. Being a go getter and having a husband who is very supportive, A and I decided to embrace this opportunity and claim it. So yeah, I do not want to speak to soon… but we feel good about this.

I know we can’t have it all, but I’ve been dreaming about going away before we kiss 2015 goodbye. I have a soul of a traveler, going to places is something that I always yearn for.

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Last days are always weird for me. I can get attached to a place when travelling — major “sepanx” alert! It’s the thought of leaving one place, leaving the adventure, leaving the “life” of a traveler and going back to reality.


I only have 2 missions for my last day whenever I travel — to shop and have a happy lunch meal at a local restaurant.


It’s really nice to stay at Arnoma Hotel again. They did some renovations so it was a better experience for all of us when we went last year (I can’t believe I am saying “last year!”.


Where we have breakfast 🙂 Like I said before, I am always in a rush during breakfast. Traveling with 7 people means the chances of being late is 7x higher! haha

DSC_0467A DSC_0471A

The lobby is spacious and classier! Although I must say, the rooms are a little too old for their new style. It was exactly the same as I remember it 5 years ago.



One of the reasons why I decided to stay at Arnoma Hotel again was because it’s in the heart of all of the awesome shopping centers and the food district! This great food stall is just a block away from our hotel! How amazeballs is that?


Braised Pork Leg Over Rice

A wanted to try their braised pork leg soooo bad! So I told him, for our last day we will go there — and so we did!


Fishball Soup


My parents love fishball soup, and this did not disappoint. The broth was light and flavorful making it a perfect lunch meal.


A got the braised pork leg over noodles. Noodles! Of course.


We only spent about 250 baht for 4 people…4! That’s about $8!!!!!


extra pork on the side…of course!


We ordered 2’s of everything so I just got a small bowl of noodles and was good for the day.




Oh, Bangkok!

DSC_0482A DSC_0483A DSC_0502A

I can’t leave Bangkok without trying the Twinnings Cafe



I mean really I just wanted to try the macarons




little babies ❤


We only had 10 minutes to spare for Twinings cause we really wanted to shop…more. It was a good experience and I would love to go back for afternoon tea with A 🙂

DSC_0512A DSC_0525A

Why can’t be the airport in Manila be this clean and gorgeous?


King of Thailand

I really like how the people support the king so much



DSC_0535A DSC_0544A

Why was I looking up?


Because I saw a man on the roof!


Love this!


Early dinner


I just had to…. Pad Thai in Thailand is the bomb! Nothing else outside Thailand can be as delicious. Although I must say,the best one I’ve had is from Amphawa — and 90x cheaper than this one


Gotta have my veggie fix


A’s duck noodles.. another “of course”




I can’t believe how expensive mostly everything is at the airport! Coconut outside the airport is only 10 baht!


A likes to try different bottled green tea or lemon drinks in Asia

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Sharing with you some of my favorite Bangkok finds

\ DSC_0758A

New found favorite snack!! Aaaah too good!


I love Beauty Buffet too much

DSC_0794A DSC_0796A DSC_0797A

Oh, Bangkok! I terribly miss you! I’ve been dreaming about going overseas again. We already did it this year so I am good. I am looking forward to what 2016 brings.



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