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Bangkok Diaries: Amphawa

09.06.14: อัมพวา

Hello, dolls! Happy Tuesday 🙂 I can’t believe that our trip to Manila is just right around the corner. I feel like we just booked our flights yesterday. Time really knows how to play with our emotions sometimes. I am starting to get anxious about my wedding, feel sad because I know I will only get to be a full time bride-to-be for less than 21 days, and happy because after 7 months I can finally be with my family again…and even more excited because it is a dream come true to have both of my families together!!!! My head is a riot so I don’t know if I even made sense. haha

I can consider my year a successful one when I get to travel. I have never missed a year to go someplace I have never been to before since I was 14, and to me that is one of the best blessings ever! To be able to find time,go somewhere,see new things,and feel free.


So today, let me share with you the continuation of our Bangkok trip

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As you all know, A and I are big fans of Anthony Bourdain. We use his show as our guide when we visit another city. We accomplished a lot of the restaurants that he recommended in Hong Kong, some in New York, a couple in New Jersey, and of course, we took the opportunity to go to the places he went to in Thailand.


Amphawa is outside Bangkok. After visiting 2 of the best temples in Thailand, we took a short break to change into something more comfortable and drove to Samut Songkram, Amphawa.


 It is about 32 miles from Bangkok so it was quite a drive for us.Which was good because it was nice to be out of the City even for just a while. Also, we were able to rest in the van after having an eventful morning.


It was pretty gloomy on our way to the floating market. It started poring after we had our sumptuous lunch (which I will share with you shortly).



These stalls of fresh produce welcomed us. My parents could not help it they had to check the stalls right away




Hawker stalls are very common in Asia so going through this steep crowded entrance did not bother me. A almost died because he was afraid to bump someone haha



but seriously, the struggle was real. I was afraid too haha



One of my favorite snacks!!!! (Ahhh I WANT THIS NOW!)



crispy fried sweet baby squid… OMG #YUMMS



had to stop ourselves from getting something here…we had to walk through food stalls before we got to the floating market!!


…and finally! ❤



almost seemed surreal that we are experiencing something one of a kind. I remember hearing stories about Thailand and their floating markets, couldn’t be any happier that we got to go.




Anthony Bourdain sat on the steps, but honestly I am happy that they have tables and stools now! Cause duhhh the arte girl in me won’t sit on the wet steps haha



 Spotted: Thai Iced Tea… aaaah


I guess we can call her the Queen of Pad Thai


Thai Iced Tea, anyone? He makes it the best!



Had Thai Iced Tea in every meal when I was in Bangkok. The plastic holder is perfect for shoppers in Amphawa! 🙂



 Pork Satay with toast and peanut sauce


As expected, DEEEELISH!


Grilled Squid with Green Chili Sauce



Perfectly grilled squid. This was super tender and delish! A must try in Amphawa



A ordered noodles of course. However, we can’t remember what it’s called. But this is another must try.



Instant noodles with seafood, Thai sausage,and vegetables. YUMMS!


…and of course…we can’t let our visit to Amphawa end without having a serving of Pad Thai!





This was ridiculously cheap and PHENOMENAL! Definitely one of the best Pad Thais I’ve had.



Our little table for 2


Daddy ordered seafood for everyone. Grilled Scallops and Tiger Prawns!! YUMMMS!





The woman behind the perfectly grilled squid, prawns and scallops



Look for this boat for pork satay




Hi Anthony Bourdain, we made it to Amphawa! 🙂




Amphawa is the second most popular floating market in Thailand. It is only open on weekends. I deserve a pat on the back for coming up with a successful itinerary for us. We were able to go to all of the places we wanted to see.


Had to buy raincoats because it started raining. It only lasted for 10 minutes after we put it on. We almost felt like returning it! hahaha




The other side of Amphawa coming up soon!!! 🙂

Hungry yet?



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