Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

09.06.2014: พระพุทธมหาสุวรรณปฏิมากร

Hello, dolls! Happy Friday! This week has been going pretty well for me. I am happy that I got to accomplish a lot of things this week, despite of my head being a massive riot because of the million things I am thinking about. I feel ashamed because I have TONS of personal messages, comments here on WordPress, and e-mails that I STILL have to attend to. It’s crazy!!! I feel like every time I respond to one, I receive 5 more in return. So I would like to apologize to the dolls that gave me some lovin’ for the past few weeks.

Tonight, I am going to share the first part of our second day in Bangkok. With all the things that I have in my head right now, traveling is still something that never leaves my mind. If I could freeze time and just take a short leave from the planning,work,and normalcy, I would like to travel…go somewhere with A and our families, and not think about anything. (though…duhhh. it’s going to happen next month! haha)

Before I move on, read about our first day in Bangkok here:


My family and I are on the same page when it comes to City tours. We are a family of foodies and shoppers, so our itinerary is mostly about food and shopping centers.

But of course, we still want to immerse ourselves and learn about Thailand so we devoted half of our day to see the best temples in Bangkok.


Our first stop was Wat Traimit. This is where the Golden buddha is, the world’s largest solid gold statue in the world — weighing 5.5 tons.


Our second day in Bangkok has got to be the busiest day for us during our trip. I told everyone to wake up early and eat a lot for breakfast,which A loved because our hotel serve continental breakfast buffet haha




We knew that we have to wear “temple approved” clothes during our City tour but I guess we kind of forgotten after our breakfast because when Mr. Banks saw us he advised us to cover up a little more, so yeap we had to change twice that morning lol.




A large portrait of the King will welcome you as you walk up to the statue of the Golden Buddha





oh you know…just being…us.


Wat Traimit is very beautiful! The marble building with the gold accents made us all in awe of it’s uniqueness and breathtaking structure.


Large wishing pot



Mama making a wish




Behold, the Golden Buddha




We all LOVE Mr. Banks! I am so happy that I stayed connected to him because he is the perfect tourist guide for us. Very witty! I had so much fun hearing stories and the history of Bangkok from him again.



The statue is 9.8 ft tall and can be disassembled to 9 pieces. It is estimated to be worth 250 million dollars.



On February 14,2010 they built a new building at the Wat Traimit to house the Golden buddha — no wonder it looked extra beautiful the second time I went!





The inside of the temple is one of a kind. The architecture blew us away.



DSC_0880A DSC_0881A



Family picture with Mr. Banks,and the Golden Buddha behind us.


yay for family pictures!






view form the top





Wat Traimit Bell




A spotted a hospital…cause no one really cares about hospitals when they travel. haha




official travel buddies


Wat Traimit is a definite must see when in Bangkok



I originally wanted to wear my blue maxi dress with another top, but since my first option is an off shoulder (which I wore later that day), I had to change my top. My top is a light short sleeve button down, perfect for Bangkok, but not good enough to go in the temples so I had to wear my burgundy cardigan to make my outfit “temple appropriate”.

Us ladies got hats during our first night for that “Bangkok street style vibe”. I love how it goes with pretty much all of my outfits!

P.S. This is probably one of the only few posts that I have written that does not involve food! haha

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