Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


Hello, sweets! Hello, MARCH! Whew! Just like that….and February is over. I asked myself today if I am happy about my accomplishments for the past month, if I have done enough, learned new things, and spent each day wisely. I did, I am so happy that I was able to make the most out of February. So I spent the first hour of my day laying in bed thinking about how exhausting my Saturday shift was. I literally can’t get myself out of bed this morning, it’s as if I ran a marathon last night.

Speaking of first day, for my first blog for the month, I will share with you how we welcomed the New Year (the first day of the year).


A and I had to work that day. But lucky for me, I was able to leave 2 hours early from work. I was stressed out about our food all day. We finalized the menu the day before New Year’s Eve.

Our menu is simple and “time friendly”. I only had an hour to spare for cooking.I wanted to be on full party mode once our guests arrive so yeah, for a last minute party menu, I must say that we had a decent NYE party food.


Cause what’s a party without dessert?

So I can’t not throw a party without baking something. I had to use whatever we had here. Lucky for me, I bought strawberries earlier that week. So I decided to make strawberry swirl cupcakes with strawberry and cream cheese frosting.



so it was not the best looking cupcakes that I made but they definitely tasted better than they looked.




chocolate fondue


our cheese board

fonitina, gorgonzola, and gouda


first time to use our olive boat and I am so in love with it!

liver pate with truffle and crackers






tuna salad and cucumber bites


one of my favorite party foods to make, summer rolls with peanut sauce. YUMMMY


Maria made her delicious mac and cheese




We are very happy to have the Black’s for New Year’s Eve. This is now going to be an annual thing for us!! ❤



Cause Champagne makes a perfect New Year’s Eve






Full bar it is (plus beer in the fridge)



So happy to have this girly beside me for New Year’s Eve and New Yea’rs Day morning! 🙂



the girls! my big head covered baby Roger haha



here he is with his best friend! lol


3 hosts of the night. 😉

New Year’s Eve here in the US is very different. I missed my Dad’s fireworks display, all the food that we usually have for NYE, and my siblings being extra loud. Although I was away from my family and our New Year’s traditions, I am grateful that I have A,Maria,and our friends to welcome 2015.

What a great party for 9!



The day after, I tried my best to cook a decent breakfast for everyone.

Waffles, bacon,and mimosa… yessss ❤ What a perfect way to start the first day of the year 🙂




New Year’s Day lunch – fried seafood

We did not have any plans for New Year’s Day. We just wanted to relax and EAT.


 Couldn’t think of any other way to spend the first day of the year than to go to church with A


First time to use our sous vide immersion circulator. YAY!!!!



I followed 2 traditions that my Dad taught over the years. One is to not eat poultry on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

So for dinner we had mushroom orzo risotto style, sauteed spinach, haddock imperial,and steak cooked in the immersion circulator



as expected, steak came out melt-in-your-mouth tender,



A loves my imperial, so I thought I could make it for our NYD dinner.

I also made mushroom orzo because aaaah I love orzo and mushroom risotto style just hits the yeaaah what a great dinner! 🙂


Second New Year’s tradition… round fruits on the table. Although I was not able to complete my 12 round fruits that night, I am very happy that A and Maria supported me on this. They tried to find round fruits to have on our table for New Year’s Eve/Day. Maybe next year I will be able to have 12 🙂




…and with all the loneliness that I felt for being away from my family, I am still beyond blessed and happy that I have this man beside me.



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