Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Ravens 2014



Hello,dolls!!! Happy Superbowl day!! 😉 I could be more excited about today’s game BUT the Ravens did not make it 😦 And I was looking forward to throwing our first Superbowl party!!!!!! (but dermnnn) Honestly, I couldn’t believe that I am talking about football now. I still remember the first time A took me to a Ravens game 3 years ago.I did not understand the game that much but I remember watching Ray Rice outrun the opponents, be in awe of our place kicker Justin Tucker, and ahhhh Joe Flacco…it was just love at first sight! haha

It’s not hard to like football. Once you get into the dynamics of it (which includes knowing how to trash talk other teams lol) you’ll find the beauty and fun in it. I love our team because we do not cheat (HA! one of the reasons why I do not even care about watching the game tonight!) but seriously, I love the Ravens because the represent Baltimore in such a way that I can feel the warmth of the city even during winter.

Read about my first game here:


I think it is perfect timing to share with you one of the games that A and I went to.


Due to our schedules, it is very difficult to go to a game, especially for A. I feel bad for him because they have season tickets but he can only got to at least 2 games per season,and that is if he gets lucky with his work schedule. Hopefully this coming season, we can go to more games!!!


We are 8 seats away from the field…which is beyond awesome! To see the game up close is such an experience! 


I love hearing stories from A about when the Ravens started, when they built the stadium, how he went with his Dad when he was a kid to watch the game live, and when they bought their seats.

A is my Ravens baby!



I am just in awe every time I am at the stadium. I can’t believe that I am watching the game live!



…and so close!




Yeah, Ravens!



Hello, love!


Just one of the many pictures that I took of the cheerleaders. I also have videos of their routine but unfortunately I can’t post them here (yet)




Wacko for Flacco!


I just had to



Game day with this guy


Hello, A!


Outside the stadium


One of the few times I allow him to wear his jeje-shoes! hahaha. joke


Ray Lewis represent!

Also wearing the pair of shoes my brother Remo and Klariz gave me! 😉


So yeap, gotta go back to baking and the superbowl now!


R ❤

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