Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Dusit Thani

02.23.14: Missing them everyday

Hello dolls!! 🙂 Today, A and I are officially welcoming our “Memorial Weekend”. Most of the people here started their long weekend just like normal people. But for those who are in the hospitality business like us, holiday/long weekends are nothing but a dream. So I am very excited for the next 2 weeks…and the next 2 months…and the days after that! LIFE EXCITES ME!

For the next 2 weeks, I am going to be busy juggling work, life and amazing stuff for next year. In less than 3 months, I WILL BE HOME!!! Aaaah. I can’t believe that I haven’t cried in a long tiiiiime  (thanks to my awesome job for keeping my thoughts away from loneliness) like I know there is a huge part missing in my life right now cause I am 10 million miles away from my family, but knowing that soon I will be home being the crazy daughter-sister in the pink room again makes everyday bearable (and of course having A in my life is a huge factor as well!)


Hours before my departure to Baltimore, my family and I went to Dusit Thani for lunch.

I will be giving you 3 Fs today — food,fashion, and family.


Had to stop and take a picture with one of my favorite brands of tea… TWG!


With my piggies ❤

My brother Remo was feeling very sick that day. In fact, he couldn’t even get out of bed to come to the airport with us. I felt really bad for him (and I think it was the only sad moment that I had that day).


I am going to start with food… cause that’s what we really came for. Haha

The homemade corned beef was really good! In the Philippines, corned beef is shredded. Here and in Europe, it’s more of like a pastrami..sliced.



Grill station — choose your own meat.

Seeing the 2 line cooks grilling made me more excited about my trip back to Baltimore! Cause I know I would be doing the same thing again.

We all loved this! The meats that we got were perfectly cooked and well seasoned 🙂



Jejekid’s favorite.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of all the foods. I even forgot to take pictures for this blog. Most of the photos are for A to see…but since I was able to compile a good amount, I am posting this! haha



Probably my favorite station! Tandoori slash Indian Station!!

I swear I almost humiliated myself by squeaking like a little girl when I saw this. How cool is this tandoori??


for my first round, I got myself a plate of shrimp!! My favorite.

It was divine!!! The flavor, texture EVERYTHING!

I already felt like going to Dusit Thani for my send-off lunch was worth it by just having this.


And OMG look at all the condiments on the side. I died — A got jealous. haha


Roast Beef.. probably the only disappointing part cause my parents said it was a bit dry for their liking.



But the ham…the HAM was amazing!



Some of my favorites!

click to enlarge photo

As soon as I saw veal, I immediately told myself that I will bring A to Dusit Thani.



And the cold station?? The terrines, gravlax and steak tartare are just some of the things that we enjoy together…And I know he would love the cold cuts and other charcuterie stuff such as items with aspic!

And the bread station…don’t even get me started! Any establishment that could offer me good bread is going to make me happy.



Filipino x Cheese Station

I was very impressed with the selection of foods that Dusit Thani have. It’s not as big as Spiral’s but they just hit perfection in every station.












Jejekid and I massacred the dessert station and tried everything. HAHA


A glimpse of plate nuber 4 or 5! haha


Best way to end our lunch… pot de creme fresh from the oven!

Couldn’t think of a better way to end our amazing lunch 🙂



With my sissy… my bestfriend ❤


Cutest picture!!! Jejekid and Lola ❤


Will always be a Lola’s girl ❤


…and a Daddy’s girl!





Can’t wait to be with my partner in crime SOON and do crazy crazy crazy stuff!


It was bright and sunny that day. I think I have 5 pictures with my eyes close from that day haha


With out MUDRA!




Wore this perfect Sunday dress cause I know my Dad loves it when we dress like a lady.


Orange Michael Kors bag and bib necklace to embody happiness!


I wanted it to be bright and sunny for us to be reminded that me flying again is not something that we should be sad about.


We all concluded that we will definitely go back to Dusit Thani again cause it was far more better than Shangri La Heat!


R ❤



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