Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Is it September yet?

Random heaps with the fambam

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 It feels so weird to be home on a Friday night. Usually by this time, my family and I are on our way to Quiapo church for our Friday tradition. It feels different, to be here in my apartment waiting for 10pm to come.But,I know it will feel a lot more different when I have to spend my Friday nights in the kitchen again in a few weeks. So this is me… missing home.

Being away is never going to be easy but I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to and embracing the beauty of my new life. Everyday I wake up and think how blessed I am to be here and how I should be strong and not let my emotions get in the way. So this is me…giving myself a pep talk  HAHA


One of the things that I ultimately miss about home is having dinner with my family. 

I like Korean food! I remember going to a couple of good Korean restaurants with my friends. Back then my family was still adamant about it. I am so glad that they finally gave it a try and LOVED IT!

Thank you, Sariwon!


One of the reasons why I love going to Korean restaurants!

Overflowing healthy appetizers!! ❤



I can’t single out any appetizer that I didn’t like! Everything was so fresh and delicious! 🙂




Sariwon Bulgogi

Look how mouthwatering that looks!!!!


Sweet Potato Noodles

Not your traditional broth. I feel like most Filipinos are used to that beefy-salty-and a bit-spicy broth so this is a bit different.

Sariwon’s signature broth is on the sweet side BUT still just as good as what we were accustomed to.


One of my favorite appetizers! Chayote with sesame and chili!! 🙂


Bassak Bulgogi

This was super tender!! Sooooooo good and juicy!!



Enjoyed wrappingmy Korean food in lettuce,chili…


..and sesame leaf

Was to ecstatic about this!! 🙂




Love at first…sip!

It’s official!! I am going to try and do this before the year ends!!! This is too good!


“Why are there tablets on the table?”

These dehydrated hand towels were too amusing!!!


Unfortunately… I didn’t get my bibimbap fix that night 😐



Somerset Millenium Makati with the fambam a few days before Christmas ❤


We were greeted by this big red Christmas tree ❤

Merry Christmas!!!!


Receiving area of our room


Jejekid marking his territory!


Fully equipped kitchen! From mini appliances, utensils, kitchen tools, and dish washing soap!


Was tempted to go to the grocery and start cooking! Very vacation vibes. It felt like we were 3 hours away from QC! haha


If I knew there would be a teapot.. I would’ve brought some scones with me! haha


I swear..Sommerset makes it convenient for their guests! 🙂


and that view…just…aaaaah ❤


An awesome family day deserves an amazing dinner buffet! 🙂


…and more food after walking for an hour in Greenbelt ❤


Saturday well spent



Cold Stone in Manila!!!

Went to their BGC branch in the Philippines 🙂


Was reminded about the fun memories during my 1st year here 🙂



My sister’s cookies & cream


Daddy’s mint ice cream! 🙂 His favorite!

I love cold stone and I remember going to the branch near my previous apartment here after work. But since I knew I will only have to wait for a few weeks to have my CS fix again….



..I decided to go to Gelatissimo instead. My first love!

We do not have a lot of gelaterias here so I had gelato a lot when I was back for 10 months!


Saffron Risotto Gelato, anyone?

This one made me laugh! Not because it’s weird, BUT because it really tasted like saffron risotto!


they only had one of the three flavors that I usually get 😦

Uhhh can someone please ship a tub of veronese chocolate here?????



So proud of my sister!!! 🙂

And I know this is just the beginning!! ❤ We are making it happen, boobie! ❤ ❤ ❤



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