Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Will start my awesome weekend trip entries with a post that doesn’t say much,but defies how amazing I am feeling right now. God knows how grateful I am right now – for having a hand to hold on this “road”.

Anyway, random road photos last Sunday. Couldn’t stop taking photos!! God blessed us with a beautiful weather again 🙂 Yaysy! 🙂

“Let’s make our getaway
Just me and you babe
The rest of the world can wait”

“But babe your love is so warm It makes my shield melt down,
And everytime were both at war,
You make me come around.”

“Someday when this is over
We may still have no answer
For now it’s when I hold ya
We are closer
Baby close your eyes
Don’t open til the morning light
Don’t ever forget
We haven’t lost it all yet
And all we know for sure
Is all that we are fighting for “

“These are the things that I want to remember
I want to remember you by”

Some bridge going to New Jersey!

Monday breakfast in New Jersey

Breakfast / Brunch has got to be one of the best things in life! 🙂

Vegetarian white omelette for me!! Soooo yummy!! ❤ 🙂

Life couldn’t be better! I’m so blessed 🙂

NYC posts coming up!

R ❤ xx

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