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First Timers

02.12.2012 – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga (Part 1)

The main reason why we decided to spend our weekend outside Manila was this festival. It was our first time to attend and I am glad that we have another memory to cherish as a family 🙂 We drove down to Clark, Pampanga after checking out in Subic 🙂 I was the last one to wake up (lol) so as a result no brunch for me!! :))

There were a lot of people (and garbage) #CantGetOver

Remo and his girlfriend Klariz with the huge Canon SLR! Haha 🙂

I really really find this photo cute!! 🙂

First food for the day! Snow Cone!! 🙂

I was addicted to snow cone when I was in Cebu! Unfortunately, snow cones here in the metro always disappoints me! The ice in Cebu’s snow cones are finer 😦

Renzo’s snow cone!

Grape flavored snow cone! 🙂 My favorite flavor! 🙂

Snow Cone aftermath! LOL

My Mom and Jollibee (Daddy) HAHAHA :))


Had Jollibee for lunch! 🙂 here were a lot of stalls but the choices were limited! 😦 It was already in the afternoon when we saw the tent of Kenneth’s Catering 😦 We should’ve ate there instead! The lines in Shakey’s Jollibee, Yellow Cab and Burger King were CRAZY!

How cute are these vintage bicycles? Me likey! 🙂

Heading out with the fambam again,

R ❤

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