Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


I’ve upgraded my media space today (yay for this account but nay for my credit card lol).

Aside from receiving a message from Facebook that my page will be automatically switched to their new timeline format, WordPress also shocked me by posting a message on my dash that I have no more media space left.

I thought deleting some photos would do me good for a while, so I pulled an all nighter for that BUT to my dismay the removed files were replaced by white boxes on my page! 😦

Unfortunately, I don’t have a back-up copy of some of my some posts will live by words (and white boxes) forever! 😐

I know my files are safe in WordPress’ media library so I did not think twice on upgrading.

One perk of upgrading my media space is that I can upload videos and audio files from my laptop directly, no need for host sites anymore! Yaaay ❤ 🙂 I’ve been wanting to post some videos from my iPhone since the holidays, but I feel like it is such a hassle for me to upload it to another site and upload it again on this account.

So yaaay! Cheers to more media space! ❤


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