Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Last post for our recent Tagaytay trip 🙂 I have to make this quick and short cause we are bound for a Sunday bonding night with the family (we will make it extra fun cause it’s my Sissy’s birthday) Heehee ❤

Here are some random photos from our last day in Tagaytay (January 23,2012)

Sooooo in love with mangosteen! My Dad and I loves to munch on this nomnomnom

Ate more or less 4 kilos of mangosteen during our Tagaytay trip! Hahaha

Rowena’s choco tart! My looove ❤

Rowena’s “lava” cake! 🙂

What I love Rowena’s aside from the wide array of Filipino delicacies are their desserts. Most of their desserts are not too sweet so it makes me feel less guilty (..and go for a round 2..yikes!) haha

The newly renovated Rowena’s cafe! So beautiful!! ❤

Had a quick stop-over at Nuvali 🙂

Went to Rockwell after cause we felt that it was still too early to go home and say hello to realiy again #chot

Animal print dress paired with Zara heels 🙂

Hehehehe ❤

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