Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

One thing that I truly appreciate during my birthday is the people who remembers my special day. A simple birthday greeting from someone could already make my heart glad for the whole day, but a sweet birthday greeting always reminds me of how blessed I am with the people around me throughout the year!

I am really grateful to these awesome people for reminding me what the word “appreciate” means 🙂

Firs birthday greeting that I saw on Facebook 🙂

I am very touched by this! Leigh has always been sweet to me which makes me miss her terribly already 😦

The distance between us made me appreciate the friendship that we have more. A friend for keeps indeed! 🙂

Just a few a more months I’ll be hugging this girl soon!! 🙂

Hugs and kisses from MNL to NJ!! ❤

One thing that I miss doing is dancing with PPG!

Ate Joanna has always been for us emotionally and academically! =))

If only I can send Mommy Mely from Manila to China just to keep this girl entertained and at peace, I would! 🙂

The most jeje person that I know made a lovely greeting by posting a photo of us in his very ooooh-some-ic Tumblr account :))

Having Ate Joanna and Choi in my life is like having Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda! #Serious HAHAHAHA

PPG has never left my side. I am so glad I have these people to remind me what true friendship means 🙂

HAHAHAHAH!!!! =))))))))

Choi:The cheesiest Popeye that I know :)))

This girl makes my heart melt every time! I know she will mature beautifully inside and out 🙂

I love this sweet girl to pieces! 🙂

This girl is on top of my list of the people that I want to talk to before I leave.

Our conversation almost a month ago really inspired and made my entire being motivated!

This lady has matured beautifully!! Her sweetness never fails to make me smile! 🙂

Very overwhelmed by her birthday greeting 🙂

It has been years already but her greeting made it seem that it was only yesterday when we last saw each other! 🙂

One of the strongest person that I know!

Her sweetness surprises me every time! ❤

I was blessed with wonderful friends during my UST days indeed 🙂

Hahaha LA who called me past midnight ❤

T Love ❤

My Mom being a “semi” jejemon! =))

I will always be their Iaken!!! ❤

Still craving for a cup of Quezo de Bola with Ham!!! 🙂

Got elaed when I saw Merry Moo’s birthday greeting!! :)))

I don’t know this girl personally but she reaaaaally made my entire month! 🙂

Receiving sweet messages like this reminds me why I love updating my blog 🙂 ❤

These two has never failed to make me appreciate my craft more and more. They remind me why I want to share everything that I have learned and experienced in the future. 🙂

I gained 2 sweet little sisters in a span of 1 week! I can’t wait for the both of them to graduate high school and achieve their dreams!! 🙂

Being addressed as a “Chef” gives me an uncomfortable feeling but hearing it from these sweet girls makes me eager to learn more and strive harder every time 🙂

To the cousin who has always been there for me. From my crushy-wushy days up to my heartbreak.. Thank you!! ❤ 🙂

One of the best friends one could ever wish for.  ❤

Nene days!! :))

BWHAHAHAH! He never fails to crack me up! :))

Working with people who makes your job less stressful is always a blessing 🙂

To the people who remembered and made an effort in making my day one of the sweetest this year, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ❤ Your greetings are more than enough to remind me of how blessed my birthday was 🙂

To those who didn’t, I’ll get back at you on your birthday! Hahaha. Chot!

The very happy girl,

R ❤

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