Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Vanille + Mooon Cafe

MAY 2011 – Cebu

Living in Cebu for a few months made me miss Manila every single day. The lifestyle is very diverse and the fact that I have to go home in a house without my family after a long tiring day kind of sulks me up.

Eating out and watching a movie in Ayala made me feel better. It somehow makes me feel that “I am home”, minus the fact that I have to commute and the mall closes early!

Anyway, I was craving for French Macarons since I arrived in Cebu! Glad that they have Vanille!

Vanille will definitely catch your attention when you visit Ayala Cebu. Adorable interior I must say!

!!!! Need I say more? Hahaha

Vanilla & Caramel ❤ ❤ ❤

I love sparkling drinks!! Especially grape flavored 🙂 aaah heaven

His drink and I hahaha 🙂

We came out of Vanille with a smile. Will definitely visit Vanille again when I get back in Cebu 🙂

I love Mexican food! I could eat Mexican food everyday! Talk about my undying love for La Delica Cebu! Anyway, we waned to try Mooon Cafe! Its always full every time we pass by. So we really set a date for our Mooon Cafe visit! We didn’t eat much in Vanille since we both know we’ll be indulging ourselves with food.

Mooon Cafe disappointed us so much that I would even want to erase it from the list of restaurants that I have visited.

This was the only dish that I could consider “satisfactory”.

Fruit Punch! Tastes like water..blah!!

“Secret” drink.

According to him,it tastes horrible! “kaya pala secret”

We are in love with Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan so we ordered this when we saw it on the menu.

Another disappointment! It’s unappetizing and nothing like Clara Ole’s kung pao mix even!!

We were looking forward to this the whole night! hayyy

Chicken something something with cheese!

Deep friend chicken smothered with cheese!

The chicken is not tender at all, I would rather eat a cheese stick that costs 10PHP in the side streets!


We love Quesadillas!! Mooon Cafe’s  quesadillas are a disgrace to the Quesadillas family!!

The chicken quesadilla doesn’t seem to have enough filling at all. Over priced for a chicken quesadilla without chicken.

Their cheese quesadilla broke my heart! The cheap cheese that they used was not melted at all! Its like eating a lumpia wrapper with grated Eden Cheese!

Their food are not even neatly plated.

..and this tastes like burnt oil with mayonnaise and a hint of tomato + cheese. GREAT

I was actually relieved to know that he feels hat same about Mooon Cafe! Cause I definitely thought it was just me!!

As we exited Mooon Cafe’s door, I found myself wishing that I have ordered more in Vanille! Hay.

❤ R

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