Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


I wanted to blog about the random heaps that’s been happening to me for the past few weeks. But since my words are being replicated in an unlikely way, my entire being just couldn’t bear to type the right words in posting something that I would love to talk about.

Anyway, FOOD is just as worthy, and I have piles of folders that I have yet to upload and share.

It was in the middle of May 2011 when my friend and I went to this awesome lounge in Waterfront Cebu. Most of the people around me knows that I am not fond of drinking anything that has alcohol in it. I could only down a glass or two (tops) of a drink that is in a nice glass (preferably in a martini glass)- and that is enough to get me going through the entire night! Beer is never an option.


We started the night by grabbing some Gelato in Ayala.

Then we headed to Waterfront,Cebu 🙂



I just love how cozy this place is. The fact that I get to have a view of the road and street lights made me miss Manila more.

I don’t remember the name of the drinks that we ordered. I just took a sip and he finished them all.


I am crazy for Yellow Cab’s Strawberry Mojito! So this didn’t really do me well.


I indulged myself on food.


I’m a salad freak. Their being guilt free is just a plus point to my fascination of this healthy and fresh snack!

I could eat it everyday and anywhere! I just find it weird that he finds it funny that I even eat salad inside the movie house!

Deep Fried Seafood something something. Haha.


Nachos. Just because it has salsa!!


Mozarella balls.

Just because they serve it with 3 sauces! haha 🙂

We ended the night by watching Thor!

Aaaah. I still have a hangover from this awesome movie and Chris Hemsworth! He is my ASDFGHJKL!!! ❤ HAHAHA

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