Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


2011,so far,is beautiful. I couldn’t translate into words how glad and overwhelmed I am for all the blessings, really.

March to April 2011

One thing that I really miss is being able to see my happy place everyday!

Since I didn’t want to be a bum for a long time, I took an internship program in an inflight catering. The experience was awesome, I wouldn’t trade for anything else! A month long experience in one of the most influential company in PH. Too bad I had to move on to reality and finish my apprenticeship.

I must say my summer was productive. I spent the 2 months,waking up early to go to the cleanest kitchens I’ve ever been to, punch out on a lunch time and eat inside the car with my driver and yaya while on our way to school for some SA duties :))

I spent my afternoon with a bunch of cuties! 🙂

I’ve always wanted to teach, especially  the little ones. I was so elated to go to school everyday just because I’ll get to be an SA for these adorable babies! 🙂

Just another goal that has been fulfilled! Hopefully, I’ll get to do this again! 🙂

May 2011

I spent my apprenticeship outside MNL, but that’s a long story and I’d rather keep it in a folder for the mean time.

I went back to MNL on the last week of May for 2 purposes. 1, for our family trip in Singapore and second, for the launch of Elba’s Pasta Cookbook which me and my friends are a part of.

I arrived late (I came straight from the airport and my only rest time was when I was in the car).

My friend Eldrin and Rochelle told me that they showed my pictures during the photoshoot! I really wish I saw it cause I didn’t know what I look like in those pictures, plus I don’t have a copy. All I remember was the photographer asked me to look happy and fake laugh while holding a Maxing pan and sanding in front of an Elba gas range!

My recipe was also demonstrated on the event. 🙂 Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce.

I sumbled upon a blog and saw this –

I couldn’t translate into words how honored I am to be part of this! Seeing my name together with Shinrou, Eldrin, Karen, Rochelle and Anya’s really touched my heart 🙂 As in, SARAP NG FEELING!

I was fortunate to have a copy of some of my recipes before they launched it! I wanted to use it for my graphical CV! Ms. Ces was kind enough o spare some of her time in sending these 2 photos 🙂

Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce

Chocolate Ravioli with Strawberry Jam filling a la mode.

After the event, Enrico,Arthur and I had dinner in Mr. Kurosawa then met up with my girlfriends 🙂


We surprised Shinrou by giving her a cake and cooking Jap Chae! 🙂

This day is definitely worth remembering 🙂

We had a nice dinner in Lemon Grass and ended the night by watching Green Lantern! 🙂

June – Gayuma Ni Maria

First night out with girlfriends after I came back from my apprenticeship.

Marry Me Moussaka


I find it okay, I’m still longing for the kind of Moussaka that my classmate Ate Cza used to make! I prefer that.

E liked this though cause its loaded with cheese.

Grape Shake

I love grape shake! I always order it every time I see it on the menu.

My Kind of Mushy

Cream of Mushroom with SKY FLAKES.

This soup disappointed me. The consistency is just so bad! And I really hope that the next time that they’ll be serving their guests with some cheap biscuit, make sure its still crisp! Didn’t enjoy this at all. I even had to force it down E’s throat.

I love you cross my heart

I loved this dish! Simple yet very flavorful 🙂

We went to The Fort after and ended the nigh in Burger Project! 🙂


Bought a new camera! :)) 5th in 2 years.  aksdhafkhsg!!!

Went to Forever 21 and bought these! Some twizzies and curlers!! ❤ Kyooots

Met up with the girlfriends. Dinner with he BFF in Amici and karaoke with the girls in Music Bank! Fun! ❤ 🙂

A random photo of my favorite brats! 🙂

❤ R

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