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Vanille + Mooon Cafe

MAY 2011 – Cebu

Living in Cebu for a few months made me miss Manila every single day. The lifestyle is very diverse and the fact that I have to go home in a house without my family after a long tiring day kind of sulks me up.

Eating out and watching a movie in Ayala made me feel better. It somehow makes me feel that “I am home”, minus the fact that I have to commute and the mall closes early!

Anyway, I was craving for French Macarons since I arrived in Cebu! Glad that they have Vanille!

Vanille will definitely catch your attention when you visit Ayala Cebu. Adorable interior I must say!

!!!! Need I say more? Hahaha

Vanilla & Caramel ❤ ❤ ❤

I love sparkling drinks!! Especially grape flavored 🙂 aaah heaven

His drink and I hahaha 🙂

We came out of Vanille with a smile. Will definitely visit Vanille again when I get back in Cebu 🙂

I love Mexican food! I could eat Mexican food everyday! Talk about my undying love for La Delica Cebu! Anyway, we waned to try Mooon Cafe! Its always full every time we pass by. So we really set a date for our Mooon Cafe visit! We didn’t eat much in Vanille since we both know we’ll be indulging ourselves with food.

Mooon Cafe disappointed us so much that I would even want to erase it from the list of restaurants that I have visited.

This was the only dish that I could consider “satisfactory”.

Fruit Punch! Tastes like water..blah!!

“Secret” drink.

According to him,it tastes horrible! “kaya pala secret”

We are in love with Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan so we ordered this when we saw it on the menu.

Another disappointment! It’s unappetizing and nothing like Clara Ole’s kung pao mix even!!

We were looking forward to this the whole night! hayyy

Chicken something something with cheese!

Deep friend chicken smothered with cheese!

The chicken is not tender at all, I would rather eat a cheese stick that costs 10PHP in the side streets!


We love Quesadillas!! Mooon Cafe’s  quesadillas are a disgrace to the Quesadillas family!!

The chicken quesadilla doesn’t seem to have enough filling at all. Over priced for a chicken quesadilla without chicken.

Their cheese quesadilla broke my heart! The cheap cheese that they used was not melted at all! Its like eating a lumpia wrapper with grated Eden Cheese!

Their food are not even neatly plated.

..and this tastes like burnt oil with mayonnaise and a hint of tomato + cheese. GREAT

I was actually relieved to know that he feels hat same about Mooon Cafe! Cause I definitely thought it was just me!!

As we exited Mooon Cafe’s door, I found myself wishing that I have ordered more in Vanille! Hay.

❤ R


I wanted to blog about the random heaps that’s been happening to me for the past few weeks. But since my words are being replicated in an unlikely way, my entire being just couldn’t bear to type the right words in posting something that I would love to talk about.

Anyway, FOOD is just as worthy, and I have piles of folders that I have yet to upload and share.

It was in the middle of May 2011 when my friend and I went to this awesome lounge in Waterfront Cebu. Most of the people around me knows that I am not fond of drinking anything that has alcohol in it. I could only down a glass or two (tops) of a drink that is in a nice glass (preferably in a martini glass)- and that is enough to get me going through the entire night! Beer is never an option.


We started the night by grabbing some Gelato in Ayala.

Then we headed to Waterfront,Cebu 🙂



I just love how cozy this place is. The fact that I get to have a view of the road and street lights made me miss Manila more.

I don’t remember the name of the drinks that we ordered. I just took a sip and he finished them all.


I am crazy for Yellow Cab’s Strawberry Mojito! So this didn’t really do me well.


I indulged myself on food.


I’m a salad freak. Their being guilt free is just a plus point to my fascination of this healthy and fresh snack!

I could eat it everyday and anywhere! I just find it weird that he finds it funny that I even eat salad inside the movie house!

Deep Fried Seafood something something. Haha.


Nachos. Just because it has salsa!!


Mozarella balls.

Just because they serve it with 3 sauces! haha 🙂

We ended the night by watching Thor!

Aaaah. I still have a hangover from this awesome movie and Chris Hemsworth! He is my ASDFGHJKL!!! ❤ HAHAHA

Good excuse that I love to use.


Ear candy: Valentine by Kina Grannis (this song explains the title of my blog)

My day started unlikely! Bad weather plus heavy traffic = an insanely pissed off mood! Its just so unbearable! Next thing I knew I already hopped off my car with no umbrella, running in the rain with my driver calling my name in the background! After a few disappointing phone calls, I found myself sitting in my car,with a warm apple pie beside me, wishing I didn’t leave my umbrella in my other bag!

My outfit: Top – Zara ; Skirt – Forever21 ; Wedge – Forever21

Something wretched happen upon arriving in Megamall! I’ve said this a couple of times already – I really dislike going to SM Malls just because its jam packed with.. “jejemons” and the only exception to that rule is Megamall and SM Makati because of Forever 21! I can’t even stand staying there after having a gratifying time in Forever21 and a quick stop in Akiba Cafe! Anyway, what I really hate is going to public restrooms, they stink and they are always crowded! I always opt for the paid ones.

Its like an episode in the movie “A Series of Unfortunate Evens”. After getting soaked, ruining your outfit and hair, plus waiting for an hour and a comes the unthinkable! Your period with no warnings at all. I am not abashed to be vocal about it just because!! =)) Anyway, long story short after spending almost 5 minutes in the cubicle I heard an undomesticated woman shout “TAGAL NAMAN” with a matching growl! All eyes were on me when I exited the cubicle! I was so pissed off!! Like hello, it’s a public CR!! What if someone is taking a dump pala! You can’t expect her to be in that cubicle for a few minutes, so one golden rule! When entering a public restroom and when you see a long line, expect the worst! It was maybe my hormones that cause me to fume like that! I was feeling extra bitchy at that moment so when I got out of the restroom I immediately told E about the RUDE GIRL! When our paths crossed I heard her say “ayan o ang arte arte”. OMG Miss, I am really maarte! I don’t deny that I’m a bitch and I’m maarte. #justsaying. If I were in an Ayala Mall or anywhere that has a higher sphere, I wouldn’t have experienced that!!

That incident made me realize that, the cliche recognition of people being judgmental of one another because of the visuals are aggressive. We should really extend our understanding and knowing in every situation. Think and observe before you react.

To top off my opposing day, I haven’t eaten anything for almost 19 hours during that time! So just imagine my feeling.

I opted to go to forever21 first before eating, I didn’t know where I got my energy, but all I know is I came out like nothing unfortunate happened! I was even happier cause I was able to buy my favorite drink from Akiba 🙂 ❤

I am so crazy with the word peace and everything that comes with it sine I was in highschool! Especially its logo!!

The dress that I bought for our graduation pictorial 🙂

OMG!! Take me to Akiba now!! nomnomnom

3 huge drinks for the 2 of us!!

Too bad they don’t have lemon bars when I came! They have the best lemon bars that I have ever tasted!!

After buying our drinks in Akiba, I immediately called my driver to take us to Shang! I was super excited to eat! I didn’t know that they don’t have Italianni’s there! E was bugging me to eat there the night before! I was craving for pasta ever since he mentioned Italianni’s! I was so hungry that I couldn’t bear to walk anymore! We decided to eat in CPK instead. And boy, I’m glad we ate there! 🙂

We ordered 3 pastas!

Baby Clam Linguini in tomato-Basil saice

I loved it!! I”m a tomato lover! So this really elated my mood

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli wih garlic-Parmesan sauce

OMG! This is definitely ze boooomb!! I swear I coulde eat it forevaaaah!

I felt unsatisfied with 2 pastas so I asked him to order another one. We gave their spaghetti a try and ordered some extra sauteed mushrooms on top.

We were not able to finish it cause I don’t know…HAHAHA! =))  Carb overload 😐 :))

I love love love House of Silvanas!! hey have the best Silvanas I have tasted so far!! I asked him to give it a try and he loved it!! Yaaay 🙂

We did a little shopping too!

I love Yhansy! Its like a mini Diva store! I was so hyped that I was able to choose 4 accessories in less than 10 minutes! #saruuuup

I love this color so much!! I’m just so crazy about it!

Lovin’ my feather earrings!

LOVE rings!! Need I say more? ❤

My favorite amongst the accessories that I bought 🙂

..then the sweetness overflows!! ❤

My day ended with a sweet bang! He is so ajdhakfjhl!! waaaah!

He treated me like a Queen! MWHAHAHA! =))))))))) He treats me like a Princess everyday! But he promised to treat me like a Queen on my dreadful days, especially the first bloody day! After he said that, I can’t stop telling him that I couldn’t wait for next month already! HAHAHAH! =))

The cutie wedge that he bought for me!!! ASASDSFGA!!!!!!! Just a few more pairs, then I’ll be hitting my 30 heels mark na! Wooot

Skinny Sweets!

I wasn’t the only unfortunate one you know! He was insisting to meet up in Eastwood instead the night before but I kept on saying no, just because! Long story short, he wants to surprise me by giving this! He ordered it online after I shared the link to him.

Thank you 103248082 times! :))

Royce choclate!! I love love Royce! Forevaaaah! ❤

Grbe this guy is making me fat!!!

I always tell him that his penmanship is REALLY REALLY UGLY! During summer, I taught him how to write legibly :))

At the back it says:

“To the girl that motivates me to write more legibly”

HAHAHAHAH!!! Kyots!! :))

I love reading letters! Mainly because, it gives you an idea of how a person feels for you 🙂

My favorite lines from the letter was:

“To  the girl that trimmed my nipple hair”


“your fugly feet”


He is so gay ha he made a hear origami pa! The other night, he told me he was watching a video in YouTube about heart origamis. I just said “GAY” =))

Didn’t know it will lead to this!!


This guy is just so amazing!! He never fails to surprise me everyday! But this definitely is the cherry on top out of everything, so far!! 🙂



2011,so far,is beautiful. I couldn’t translate into words how glad and overwhelmed I am for all the blessings, really.

March to April 2011

One thing that I really miss is being able to see my happy place everyday!

Since I didn’t want to be a bum for a long time, I took an internship program in an inflight catering. The experience was awesome, I wouldn’t trade for anything else! A month long experience in one of the most influential company in PH. Too bad I had to move on to reality and finish my apprenticeship.

I must say my summer was productive. I spent the 2 months,waking up early to go to the cleanest kitchens I’ve ever been to, punch out on a lunch time and eat inside the car with my driver and yaya while on our way to school for some SA duties :))

I spent my afternoon with a bunch of cuties! 🙂

I’ve always wanted to teach, especially  the little ones. I was so elated to go to school everyday just because I’ll get to be an SA for these adorable babies! 🙂

Just another goal that has been fulfilled! Hopefully, I’ll get to do this again! 🙂

May 2011

I spent my apprenticeship outside MNL, but that’s a long story and I’d rather keep it in a folder for the mean time.

I went back to MNL on the last week of May for 2 purposes. 1, for our family trip in Singapore and second, for the launch of Elba’s Pasta Cookbook which me and my friends are a part of.

I arrived late (I came straight from the airport and my only rest time was when I was in the car).

My friend Eldrin and Rochelle told me that they showed my pictures during the photoshoot! I really wish I saw it cause I didn’t know what I look like in those pictures, plus I don’t have a copy. All I remember was the photographer asked me to look happy and fake laugh while holding a Maxing pan and sanding in front of an Elba gas range!

My recipe was also demonstrated on the event. 🙂 Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce.

I sumbled upon a blog and saw this –

I couldn’t translate into words how honored I am to be part of this! Seeing my name together with Shinrou, Eldrin, Karen, Rochelle and Anya’s really touched my heart 🙂 As in, SARAP NG FEELING!

I was fortunate to have a copy of some of my recipes before they launched it! I wanted to use it for my graphical CV! Ms. Ces was kind enough o spare some of her time in sending these 2 photos 🙂

Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce

Chocolate Ravioli with Strawberry Jam filling a la mode.

After the event, Enrico,Arthur and I had dinner in Mr. Kurosawa then met up with my girlfriends 🙂


We surprised Shinrou by giving her a cake and cooking Jap Chae! 🙂

This day is definitely worth remembering 🙂

We had a nice dinner in Lemon Grass and ended the night by watching Green Lantern! 🙂

June – Gayuma Ni Maria

First night out with girlfriends after I came back from my apprenticeship.

Marry Me Moussaka


I find it okay, I’m still longing for the kind of Moussaka that my classmate Ate Cza used to make! I prefer that.

E liked this though cause its loaded with cheese.

Grape Shake

I love grape shake! I always order it every time I see it on the menu.

My Kind of Mushy

Cream of Mushroom with SKY FLAKES.

This soup disappointed me. The consistency is just so bad! And I really hope that the next time that they’ll be serving their guests with some cheap biscuit, make sure its still crisp! Didn’t enjoy this at all. I even had to force it down E’s throat.

I love you cross my heart

I loved this dish! Simple yet very flavorful 🙂

We went to The Fort after and ended the nigh in Burger Project! 🙂


Bought a new camera! :)) 5th in 2 years.  aksdhafkhsg!!!

Went to Forever 21 and bought these! Some twizzies and curlers!! ❤ Kyooots

Met up with the girlfriends. Dinner with he BFF in Amici and karaoke with the girls in Music Bank! Fun! ❤ 🙂

A random photo of my favorite brats! 🙂

❤ R

Para kay Jetro.


I love to eat out and venture on dishes. My friends have been raving about Van Gogh is Bipolar since I came back from Cebu. Our first VGB encouner was hapless. The restaurant was full so we had to dine in at Gayuma ni Maria instead. Jetro was still kind enough to entertain us for a while. He must have sensed our destitute auras that night. Hehe! 🙂

It was a Sunday when we went there for the second time. We arrived there 10 minutes before their closing time. But they were still congenial to accommodate us. We had the whole restaurant all by ourselves!  Just imagine our comfort of almost running around VGB, with no footwear and some silly head gears! :))

VGB and Hausbesetzer is on op of my list so far for the most unique restaurans that I’ve been to. Jetro, supervises two establishments that are both self-service.



Tea area

Our table was beside Jetro’s asylum. And yes, he is really there. We were surprised when he came out. He told us that he has colds hat’s why he sayed on his “asylum” the whole day! He didn’t want to touch any food.

You will choose your own teapot.

Jetro’s asylum

The kitchen window.

this dark room was turned into a restroom.

Virginia Woolf’s Wild Turkey Soup for appetizer

I loved their homemade banana chips in the soup. Too bad you can’t order nor ask for more.

Courtney’s love potion

his drink is really good! Too bad I was already full that I was not able to finish this tall glass.

I ordered Napoleon Bonaparte’s Wild Turkey Pasta with Cranberry Sauce

If only I didn’t ate 2 empanadas for my afternoon snack..and ate lunch in Mercato. I would’ve finished the whole course! It was so exclusive and delicious.

Jho, Miggy, E and Frances all ordered President Clinton’s Aussie Lamb with Black Rice.

According to the 4, it was excellent 🙂

Bian, ordered President Roosevelt’s Norweignan Salmon Belly with Black Rice.

I am not a salmon fan jus because I don’t like the super fishy taste. I know, I know. FISH NGA E. But hey, that’s my personal preference. I asked Bian how’s the salmon, she told me that its cooked perfectly and it doesn’t taste malansa at all. Will def try this when I come back 🙂

We were already full that we didn’t managed to finish our dessert.

They served us this, Beethoven’s Sweet Opus.

Absolute self-service! 🙂

All-in-all, it was a wonderful dining affair with some lovely people who never forgets to laugh over good food 🙂


I fancy reading blogs, especially food related. One of the things that always tickle my interest is restaurants, I’ve bookmarked a lot already and I’m elated everytime I get to visit one.

My friend and I were thinking of eating out after our agenda in school. He suggested that we visit this place afte rshowing him the link. Luckily, I was craving for some Avocado tea after visiting VGB. And much more fortunate,this establishment is by no other than, Jetro.

I was so hyped before going here! I’ve seen the pictures and gaaah it looks amazing.

Its just a simple abode. It only has one server,which I think also looks after the furniture and antique shop.

Tea is priced reasonably. (PHP99)

If you opt for a colder drink, you can choose from the lonely backpacker’s grub

Microwave beside the grub.



You can choose from pastas or sausages

Since we already ate lunch, we favored the sausage instead of the pasta.

I asked the server to put some cheese on top since I was really craving for some!

They have biscuits and sweets that you can choose from.

Our tray

This caught my eye. Its so exquisite!

Will definitely go back in this place once I crave for some chill time again. 🙂

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