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09.08.14: See you again, Thailand

Hello, dolls! Aaaaah. I can’t believe it!!! My last BKK post! I also can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since our trip to Thailand — and it’s the weekend again…already! August is being extra good to us, we’ve been getting extra time here and there and opportunities that can change our lives. Being a go getter and having a husband who is very supportive, A and I decided to embrace this opportunity and claim it. So yeah, I do not want to speak to soon… but we feel good about this.

I know we can’t have it all, but I’ve been dreaming about going away before we kiss 2015 goodbye. I have a soul of a traveler, going to places is something that I always yearn for.

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Last days are always weird for me. I can get attached to a place when travelling — major “sepanx” alert! It’s the thought of leaving one place, leaving the adventure, leaving the “life” of a traveler and going back to reality.


I only have 2 missions for my last day whenever I travel — to shop and have a happy lunch meal at a local restaurant. Read the rest of this entry »

12.16.14: Showers of Happiness

Hello,dolls!! :) Aaaah…weekend <3 I can’t believe that I am already done with another week at work. It’s insane how we are already (almost) halfway done with August! Can you believe it? Cause I can’t! I feel like each week is just flying by and I wish there’s a “pause” button so I can just hold on to all the goodness that 2015 has brought and just enjoy it a little longer before we roll over to another year of ups and downs. Also, I am still enjoying the fact that A and I can say “oh yeah, we just got married a couple of months ago…this year.

I am not gonna lie..the thought of saying “I do” again excites me. Who wouldn’t be? To say I do to the same man 3 times in 2 years is AWESOME (and funny in some way haha). So yeah..I think it’s still fitting to talk about my bridal shower (that happened 8 months ago) since we are having our Greek wedding in a couple of weeks :)


One of the blessings that came with A when God sent him to me is his family. I always feel like the luckiest wife whenever we are with his family because they’ve always made me feel that I am part of the family since day 1…and of course the constant showers of love! <3

It truly melted my heart when my Mother-In-Law told me that she wants to throw a bridal shower for me. She is one of the best hosts that I know, so I knew the shower’s going to be ahmahzzing! — and it was!


Just one of her awesome ideas for the party. Since a good number of ladies are driving to Baltimore for my shower, she ordered this cute water bottle labels for the guests to take home :) Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, August 2015!

September 2014: Save the Date

Hello,dolls! :) Aaaah, AUGUST! Can you believe it’s August already?July was eventful! I remember looking forward to the last week of July and dreamed how amazing it would be — and it was! Now I am doing the same thing with August — bust my A off during the first 3 weeks of the month at work, then look forward to the last week of August because it is going to be major. 

There has never been a day that I do not think about my family and friends back home. Last night was a fun night with my girls…how I wish I am saying this because we were all together at our rooftop laughing like crazies while drinking G knows what. So yeah…it was  crazy night on Viber and it made miss home a little more.


I also miss being a bride-to-be (oh wait, I am a bride-to-be again. ha) 

Our save-the-date, one of our Royal Albert tea seats from Grammy, and pastries from Starbucks… good morning!


I like to talk about home when I miss home.

So today, let me share with you our journey from the Philippines to the US last year when we went home for Daddy’s birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

Tooloulou x Ramen 101

10.27.14: Oh,fall

Hello, dolls!! :) Aaaah I know’s been waaay too long.The first 3 weeks of July was super hectic…and awesome! We spent the past weekend in New York and New Jersey — how I wish we could’ve stayed longer! Now I am looking forward to August..our Greek wedding week :) Our family in New York and my 2 girlfriends down south are coming here to be with us that weekend yaaaay!

So I am really really hoping that I finish all of my 2014 entries before A’s birthday. His birthday will commence all the great things that will happen before the year ends. I never really got to enjoy (enjoy meaning.. dress up ) fall during my first year here in the US because I was too busy. Last year A and I had a lot of Mondays together so I was really able o appreciae fall.


the basics of fall…brown :)

What better way to be fall ready?Shop for fall outfits. Read the rest of this entry »

09.08.14: Last Minute

Hello,dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Yay! It’s a pretty exciting month at work, we are participating in a big festival and have a couple of parties lined up on top of that, business is doing good! This week, I was blessed with an interesting situation that helped me grow to be a better leader in the kitchen.

Anyway, I am also excited about August because A and I are getting a little time off work. We are planning to travel somewhere for the weekend but I do not want to speak to soon and keep my hopes high…but aaah, after a busy month, I think a short vacation is in order ;)


Thinking about our short vacation next month makes me miss our Bangkok trip. I am down to my 2 last posts and I am getting a little sad about it…I feel like our whole trip is coming to an end..for real this time.

Before I turn this into a sappy post, let me share with you our last day in Bangkok.


Traveling with my parents is pretty easy. I know what makes them happy and not complain — Daddy loves eating so trying local food is a must, and Mama likes to see new places and shop! It’s the perfect combination of what I want to do when I travel.

For our last day,we did what we also do when we travel — last minute shopping. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello,dolls! Hello, July! :) This week has been steady, everyone’s looking forward to July 4th (Independence Day here in the US) and I am just here…writing this blog, thinking how fast June went by. I can’t believe that June is over, and that today is the third day of July. It’s craaaazy. 

So anyway, thinking about Independence Day makes me miss the Philippines. Living here in the US means embracing the American culture (and I love it!) but the downside is, I sometimes feel like I am forgetting about the Philippines. I look back to all the holidays and special occasions with my family that I missed for the past 3 years and wish that I do not have to miss more. Good thing my sister is here this year, I have someone to share the misery  / happiness with.


This pretty much sums up how my life has been for the past week.

I’ve been drinking more than 6 cups of tea at work every morning. I am not a coffee drinker and unlike most of the cooks that I know, I do not drink energy drinks so yeah…tea helps me in the morning haha

I’ve been thinking about our wedding a lot lately, watching our SDE videos by Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua on Vimeo pretty much everyday. I miss being a bride-to-be! But guess what? We are having another wedding next month and I am excited!

I miss home..I miss home! I ordered a whole cake from Estrel’s on our last day in Manila last year. Took half of it back to Baltimore and to my surprise it did not get messed up during the flight.

This was me the day after we got back from Manila in last year in September. A cup of tea, a slice of Estrel’s caramel cake, and Brides magazine.


So where do I begin? This is a pretty random post and I am going to start with a glimpse of my life here in America as a Filipino Read the rest of this entry »


10.20.14: Ramen, DC, and Us.

Hello, dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Time really flies when you are busy! This month has been really good to me. I am learning a lot at work, my sister is here, A and I gets to spend time together and go on adventures — I couldn’t ask for more. Just one more day until I get to enjoy another Sunday — Sundays that are more meaningful now because we get to do what we have always wanted for the past 2 years, go to church – brunch – and spend the rest of the day holding each other’s hand! I prayed for this for a looong time! To have decent days off with A and now it’s happening!!!

So anyway, back when A and I could only have Mondays together (and if we’re lucky some other random weekday) we would make sure that we visit a new place. A couple of days after A’s birthday, we were still on “ramen high”. Since we do not have a lot of ramen places in Baltimore,we decided to go to Washington DC — our go to place when we are feeling adventurous. DSC_0411AWe decided to go to Daikaya, one of the restaurants in DC that we’ve always wanted to go to.


Daikaya is a Sapporo ramen shop located at the first floor, and Izakaya a Japanese restaurant at the second floor of the building.Both restaurants are owned by 3 Japanese men.What’s also interesting is that they also serve Filipino inspired dishes in Izakaya (which we have to try soon!)
Read the rest of this entry »

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