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10.07.2014: Parisian feels

Hello, dolls!! :) Aaah I can’t believe it has been a month already…our Manila trip is now another chapter to look back to. This is the 4th time that I left for the US in the past 3 years and I don’t I can ever get used to it. Leaving home is never easy, uncertainty is a killer. This time, I only have my plans and aspirations to hold on to (and if ever none of it happens–which I doubt, I push through with plan B!). So anyway, I do not want to think about the sadness anymore, I have great memories with me that I can think about until I get to be a full time sister here in the US.

Yesterday was the easiest trip to the US for A and I. No exhausting connecting flights and we did not spend 24 hours in the air, it felt like we just drove to Ilocos or something. So JFK will be our official airport when travelling to Asia, which to me is exciting because NYC is close to my heart in so many ways.


Today, let me share with you the continuation of A’s birthday celebration in New York

They had a mock set up of the cafe that was presented on the Friends TV show.


We like to pay a visit to A’s Nounas and Nounos whenever we can. They live in Bay Side which is about an hour away from Manhattan. I asked A if we could stop at this Korean bakery that we saw along the way. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, dolls!!! :) Aaaah where do I begin? The past week has been truly magical for me! I am now married to the love of my life!!! I still feel like it was only yesterday when all of our loved ones gathered to witness our becoming one. I am still speechless about everything, there are things that I wish I could have said during our big day, but since I do not leave any room for regrets, I will just look at it as an opportunity for me to share it on this blog. untitled-68

Today, I would like to thank everyone who made our wedding the best day ever! :) Read the rest of this entry »

09.06.14: SATURDAYS

Hello, dolls! Happy Friday! :) So I today I am going to write about something that is not related to the wedding.. I need a little piece of something that can help me keep my sanity before the wedding. haha So travelling has been on my mind since March. A and I have been talking about going somewhere after the wedding (we are not going to have our honeymoon until next year) but up until now we couldn’t decided where to go. This is the first time that I am putting travelling aside, which feels very weird. Our Bangkok adventure is not over yet. I still have 2 more days to share and aaah it feels good to look back to all the things that we did…and all the food that we ate ;) DSC_1225A

Here’s the second part of our Amphawa advenutre.

Can you see A?


Amphawa is a very great place to go on a food trip! They have EVERYTHING!  Read the rest of this entry »

Almost..I do.

Hello, dolls!!! :) Aaaah finally!!! I am sorry for being MIA for a week. Being in Manila means dealing with poor service. For the past 2 weeks A and I have had our fair share of annoying stories about being taken advantage of government officials/ traffic enforcers and having no internet for a week (just because PLDT decided to do maintenance i the area FOR A WEEK!). So it has been a busy 2 weeks, I’ve always dreamed of being a hands on bride, but gaaah I never thought it would be this challenging (not that I am complaining). I am kind of getting frustrated about not documenting most of the things that has been happening since I’ve been home. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the fact that I have been so worried about being so bloated/swollen because of the sudden change of weather (from 18 degrees to 97!). My ring finger is having an allergic reaction to the hot weather that I am so afraid my rings won’t fit next week! #StoryOfMyLife. Nonetheless, I feel like we are pretty much ready to say I do…suppliers are picked out and all I need is for my guests to RSVP! Haha So as I mentioned above, I failed to document everything, so let me share some throwbacks for you that shows how my life has been like for the past 2 weeks. DSC_0898A

Greek Easter: Greek Easter was this past Sunday. We missed it this year and aaah I was dreaming about Greek food all day!

Thinking about Greek Easter reminded me of the Greek Festival last year.


it was a Friday and luckily both A and I got the night off. So we invited this little egg tart to join us

Read the rest of this entry »

September 2014: Hello again, Manila!

Hello dolls!!! :) Aaaah, Manila! It’s almost a week since we’ve been home and about 2 weeks left until our big day! If there’s a chance for me to stop or slow down time, now would be the perfect time to do so. A and I have been taking afternoon naps because of jet lag, not that it is important, but it’s something that we have not done before! RELAX and not worry about work the next day. Although I must admit, my decision is kind of making me nervous about the first 3 months of my return to Baltimore. Ugggh. Why do I have to overthink everything?

Manila means food tripping everyday for A and I. Whether it be home or somewhere A would get stared at haha. I am only have a few posts left from our trip here in Manila last year, and I hope I could finish all of it before I say I do.


Before A and I would go on a trip, we would make a list of ALL the things/places that we want to do/go to.

Being a person who makes lists on almost everything, this has been really effective for us. The deal is to go out for lunch and check one thing off our list, then come home for dinner with family. Easy.


One of the places that A wanted to go to last year was Lugang Cafe.

It’s a restaurant by Bellagio Group based out of Shanghai and Beijing. Lugang Cafe specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine.  Read the rest of this entry »

10.06.14: Of ramen and tea

Hello, dolls!!! :) Hello, Vancouver!! Aaah I can’t believe that this is really happening!! After having an amazing and busy weekend with A,we are now on our way to Manila. As what A said “it is our most memorable trip to Manila”. It is definitely a trip of a lifetime because it will be the first time that our families will be together. Anyway, we have less than an hour left here in Vancouver until our plane leaves for Manila, hopefully that will be enough time for me to publish this one before all the craziness begin when we arrive home.

Today, we experienced a couple of firsts together. It’s our first time to travel to Manila together (this is A’s third time in MNL). Also, our first time to fly out of JFK. Thank God that our flag carried, Philippine Airlines, started flying to Manila from New York 2 weeks ago! We were very excited about this when they broke the news last year, no more loooong layovers, exhausting connecting flights,and worrying about our baggage!

Oh,we have so much love for New York! So let me share with you A’s birthday celebration in New York last year :)


One of the things that I love about A is how it’s not very hard to put a smile on his face.

He appreciates everything even the simplest form of gesture.


So what better way to make my birthday boy happy? A trip to New York to eat ramen :) Read the rest of this entry »

Happy 27th, A!

10.07.14: Happy Birthday, Love! 

Hello, dolls! :) Happy #ThrowbackThursday. One shift left and we will be on vacation mode…or should I say wedding mode! haha. It’s funny how I find it a bit sad that we are going to be away from Baltimore for more than a month, I mean isn’t that weird? I’ve always loved the thought that I get to be home every year. Being here for 3 years, I still managed to never miss a year in the Philippines, for some reason I get blessed with opportunities to come home. For 3 years, I have learned to love this place and call it my home. So I guess #SepAnx is slowly kicking in..

So before we leave for the Philippines,and start get extremely busy for the wedding, let me share with you how we celebrated A’s birthday last year.


A’s birthday fell on a beautiful Sunday. Unfortunately, he had to work all day, but was able to convince him to let him come in at noon so we can have brunch together.


Surprising each other is challenging for A and I. How do you surprise someone that you are with everyday? Read the rest of this entry »

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